Accidents In Louisville

Tips on what to do.

Accidents Happen

Many of us have been there at one time or another. Someone was looking the wrong way or was distracted and a serious accident happened. In Louisville this is not that unusual and may have just happened to you. If so, now's the best time to find a Louisville personal injury attorney to handle the case. Do you know what to do?

What You Should Know

At The Scene

The first people on the scene will probably be the police if someone has called them. It is important to understand that you must be careful regarding what you say. This includes what you say to witnesses, the police, and anyone else at the scene. It may be interpreted wrong and used against you.

Keep Good Records

You will need to keep records of all the costs incurred due to the accident, including property damages, medical records, and of course any diagnosis of a medical condition as a result of the incident. Consult with your attorney about your legal responsibility regarding proper recordkeeping procedures.

Get Professional Help

Many people think they can settle this kind of situation out of court and without an attorney. Know that if you decide to do so, you are probably letting yourself in for a huge lesson. Courts are tricky and confusing; you should have someone on your side who understands all the legal procedures.

Do It Right

As you can see, all of these tips are about dealing with taking precautions when preparing for a personal injury legal case after an accident. Stay focused, keep good records, and most of all get legal advice. Not doing so might not only cost you money, it may also cost you your good reputation.

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